Simplify group payments

Whether you're on vacation with friends, dining out with family, or paying rent with roommates, Divi Up gives you a safe and simple way to split shared expenses.


Create a Cash Pool, choose how much money to pool together, and invite your friends and family.


Use your Cash Pool's card to automatically split any purchases between you and your group.


Close the group to redistribute the remaining funds to everyone left in the Cash Pool.

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One way to pay

When a Cash Pool is created, the group is assigned a digital debit card which allows you to automatically split group purchases. You can use it through services like Apple Pay or by directly entering the card's information.

Keep it clear

Divi Up adds transparency to shared expenses by helping your group keep track of what's being bought, how much is spent, and who's making the transactions. Everyone knows where their money is going.

Goodbye repayments

Divi Up lets you avoid the entire repayment process. That means no more finding the cash to front the bill, no more worrying about getting paid back late or never at all, and no more awkward conversations between friends.